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Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Legit Supplier

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is an independent group of affiliated pharmaceutical companies dedicated to the development, registration, production, marketing and distribution of a wide range of pharmaceutical products. Kalpa Pharmaceuticals has developed into a successful and dynamic organization that operates on a global scale, combining its own strength in the field of R&D with the distribution and sales expertise of its marketing partners. Kalpa Pharmaceuticals’ innovative character is reflected by the number of global patents held by its group members.

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Product portfolio selection of sophisticated pharmaceuticals coupled with a fast-track R&D strategy enables to offer Kalpa Pharmaceuticals legit suppliers the advantage of being first to market and a considerable edge in an increasingly competitive market.

Regulatory Affairs and DMF Departments guarantee Kalpa's marketing official partners successful registration and ongoing assistance with post-registration affairs.

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Kalpa Pharmaceuticals offers its industrial marketing partners both blockbusters and niche steroidal products covering a complete portfolio in core therapeutic classes, with the assurance of competitive strength and the advantage of 'one-stop shopping'. We seek to establish long-term business relationships with renowned pharmaceutical companies that have marketing and distribution expertise in local markets. Intensive collaboration with authorized steroid resellers enables to interweave partners' goals with Company's mission.

Prompt response to market demands in today’s dynamic pharmaceutical world is achieved by our flexibility, our efficient decision-making process and our assurance of optimal service.

Kalpa Pharma’s Ltd. international approach is clearly reflected in the diversity of nationalities of those working in the company. Emphasizing innovation and expansion, the Company has affiliates in the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, the USA and Australia, covering the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical activities.

Global activity requires a high level of expertise and support. The quality of dossiers and dedicated Regulatory Affairs and DMF Departments has enabled smooth and prompt registration of anabolic products in over 25 countries. Successful worldwide marketing relies on thorough patent and market research. Our patent experts, having constant access to all relevant and up-to-date information, are in close touch with the global trends.

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is vertically integrated from the initial chemical development of the active substances to the pharmaceutical development of the finished dosage forms of a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products. This approach calls for a highly skilled innovative and interactive R&D workforce and a flexible pro-active management structure. A staff of over 125 are involved in the various R&D Departments; some 80% of them hold a university degree or have had an advanced professional education in the field of chemistry or pharmacy.

Besides the Chemical, Analytical and Pharmaceutical R&D Departments, Synthon has a high-tech Pharmaceutical Technology Department and modern well-equipped GMP-certified and FDA-approved facilities. Kalpa Pharmaceuticals's own Toxicological and Clinical R&D Departments co-ordinate all the required studies in compliance with current international standards.

Access to new technologies and steroid products is pursued through fast-track R&D. Products and processes are patented as much as possible.